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The complex world we live in needs a multi-layered approach. From individual self awareness right through to integrated systems.

At Real World Issues we specialise in the space between the individual and the organisation, and how we integrate the two - the space between things - what the Japanese call Ma. In understanding the space between things we're better able to create an interaction that's progressive and future focused, better preparing your organisation as things continue to evolve at a fast pace.

We will take what you're doing now and enhance it ready for whats to come.









The projects we work on are all bespoke, there is no one size fits all. We work with principals that adapt to your organisation and the context that you are in or a specific area you'd like attention on

Strategic Systems

This is all about integrity. The integrity of your supply chain and your values. For full integration this service combines Radical Relating and Vital Values into a full systems approach within your organisation.

Working with all levels of staff we will leave you feeling revitalised and with a new sense of purpose and mission for your organisation.

Radical Relating

Every day we make assumptions that not only are wrong but also lead us to poor judgement and miscommunication. With some straightforward techniques we are able to teach and embed communication practices that can bring greater integrity and authenticity to your organisation.



Vital Values 

This is the core of our business. Working with you to Identify the values your management, employees and customers hold for your organisation and then creating an integrated set of processes to align them into a really clear set of values that connect with all of your stakeholders.

We have our own bespoke tools that will enable this work quickly and efficiently.  


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This consultancy was born from a desire to contribute to the changes we and our world are going through, and to help organisations and the individuals within them to navigate the huge shift in awareness of our values and what is coming next.

Planet First

Whilst there are other planets out there, this one is beautiful. We believe in a planet first approach, where we first ensure that our decisions and practices look after the planet we have and then its inhabitants.

We support a regenerative and nurturing approach when considering the planet, particularly in our systems work.

Legal lobbying

We firmly believe that we need a stronger legislative presence in the world today. We need to be able to legislate decisively to protect our planet and its inhabitants, whether that's stopping pollution or harmful manufacturing processes.

Self Awareness

Enabling and supporting individuals to wake up to their values, whats important to them and their mission in the world is a critical part of what we offer at Real World Issues.

We believe that by having self aware individuals within organisations we can supercharge the output and direction of them.


We are part of a global world in which what happens in one place can affect us all. We need to pay attention to our networks and the critical infrastrcture and communities that we are affected by and that we affect.

By taking a networked view of the context your operating in we are better able to help future proof and connect your organisation.

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